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I'm attempting to get my hands on these hats
I know the sola is 1 of 1 and that the dead cone is 1 of 4
Currently none of them have been on the market for sometime but I'm hoping one pops out and finds it's way to me

If you know who has one it would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in their direction

Update - I know where the Sola Topi is, he Isn't Selling it ;-;
Ahh I owned one of these before, apparently this was the last guy who had it, though sadly iunno where it went :( GL finding it!
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I have a Disco Beat Down Shooter's Sola Topi but it's not a roboactive
Dr. Enforcicle
If you were interested in a dead cone with the terrorwatt effect instead I have one. Saw one for sale with the effectyou wanted the other day but cant remember who was selling it or what server I was on. Sorry.
Nty I dislike terrorwatt, I would buy it but not for or close to full price
Dr. Enforcicle
ah, fair enough. I shall see if I can find a buyer elsewhere then. Btw, if I find the one I saw for sale agan I shall let you know!
I have found all 4 Owners of the Dead Cones :D Banned? Don't know if selling as he is original owner. Inactive I think? May also be inactive.

Hope these helped and you can get your Roboactive Dead Cone :D
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.