Hello Everyone! This is my second sale of a set! This time of a pyromancer! The unusual is one of 3 sold on the outpost.

2.5 buds is the price in pure, with 3 being the unusual offer IF I LIKE the unusual.

This is the shady set of a pyromancer undertaker, working to uproot corpses to play pattycake and dollhouse with them. After doing so, Pyro will strive to show Mr. Merasmus his party trick, which involves EXPLODING the balloonicorns of the Under-realm. Even so, this depriving delectable and delightful set of doom will cause even the most ubered of all Mikaels, even those with the Sammiches of St.Heffi and St.Hebbi to quake in anger and humility. Even the least imaginative of players will be afeared of you when wearing this set and approaching with your axe drawn.

Not Sold Seperately, though the Pyrosaur set can be bought seperately.
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Wait does the flamenco stack with the winter wonderland?
but thety aren't miscs tho
I don't know why then, but they do.
wait, but your story isn't related to the hats tho.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.