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Offer in the comment section
If pay in unusual it is overpay depending on what unusual offer you pay me in
B/O: 3 buds 5 Keys (Both Limited Quantity Items and Rocket Launcher has a pro kit if you didn't see and Gen 1 + Gen 2 SF)

Price Calculation:
Rocket Launcher 1.8 buds (30 Keys) []
Pro KS RL Kit: Average price on market $50 and drop rate from crate is around 2% considering that there are 5 or 6 different weapons that is possible to get professional kits on. Now that people stopped unboxing this, now if sort of requires to be bought from people who play Mann Up and the drop rate from a pro kit is 6% divide that by all the possible weapons. If they remove Munition #83 this will rely on people doing Mann Up to find it which means the price will rise up to $80 again but since there are munition #83 that people still have the price will be around $65 unless people don't unbox munition #83.
Buff Banner: 4 Keys
This totals to around 3 buds. Since I will make 5 keys profit from PURE I decided to drop the price of overpay from unusuals.

Gen 1 Effects - 5 Keys overpay
Gen 2 Effects - Not accepting
Robo Effects - 10 Keys overpay
Gen 3 Effects - Not accetpting
Halloween Effects - No overpay

I will add you if we have a deal
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.