$HFH$ that_damn_red_hoovy
12 keys or offers and I have 2 keys pure to add for something
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Vintage Specialized Killstreak Lugermorph (w/ Hot Rod)

I really want it but its too low
I'll add a craft hat, if that's fine with you?
I would need at least a key added
Well, the sheen is Hot Rod, it looks a bit more pricey than Deadly Daffodil.
my pan is worth 12 keys so im not even going full price if you add a key
add me and we can negotiate
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bubling bolkes
i dont like sniper sorry. if you get something else you can offer again
just resell for 11 keys
then why dont you just do that????
B R O W N _ T O W N
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Planets Doctor's Sack w/ Voices from Below?

Add me if you'd like to negotiate.
feels like it would be super hard to sell
B R O W N _ T O W N
What would you ask of me to add?
no its not that. im just not intrested in the hat
B R O W N _ T O W N
Alright. Thanks for the response.
pro big kill TS and flames (gifted) still worth 13 keys
for your pan if u add 2 keys
sorry mate but being gifted is going to make it hard to sell
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.