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Booking marking. I was always liked uncraftable hats over craftable ones :)
Bookmark, if you don't mind.
Not at all ;)
Bookmarked :) It really is a great thing you're doing here.
Thank you, for both the compliment and the bookmark
Bookmarking, I collect uncrafts, so this is on my want list :D I'll offer a bunch when I get home from vacation.
Bookmark, and added you for modest pile of hat.
thank you, it seems to be a slow and steady grow :)
I have some hats I want, I added you.
Congratz on the 100th transaction! I feel lucky being the 100th (I think..) :D
Thanks :)
bookmarked and awesome service one again
Just a question here.
If the hat has a price range for like, 1.33-1.66.
Do you consider it as 1.33 or 1.66 using your formula?
Depends slightly how common the uncraft is. That is pure experience. Some I count as 1.66 others as 1.33
Alright, thanks.
If you have a dirty hotrod, ze goggles, prairie heel bitters, builder's blueprints, texas half pants, or physician's procedure mask, please alert me. I'm buying them.
Could I downgrade from a craftable? And if not, what would you charge for the dirty?
I would charge 1 ref for it and please no downgrades as I am not really a seller of craft items that will take me a huge amount of time
I could do that. Added.
I suppose the dirty Triad Trinket falls outside of the normal price range. How much do you want for it?
Sorry I was away on a holiday, I would ask 3.66 ref.
hi, can I trade in my bombing run (scout) and get a hat? also I might buy some with metal too
Naturally, it was the the bank is here for
ill give you a dirty Big Chief for the Tough guys toque!
+the scrap fee
ill also give you a dirty milkman for the pyromancers mask
I can do the big chief, the other one is sold sorry. You can simply add me if you want items and agree to the prices. :)
ill take mining light for the baseball helmet + scrap