Looking for offers on these 2 Fetti Thirst Bloods

B/o on P.Fetti - 4 Buds
B/o on G.Fetti - 3 Buds

The G.Fetti might not be in my BP b/c it's either on the steam market or in my friends inventory, it's 100% clean and non gifted

I don't care what Gen effect you offer, just don't lowball
I love C9 and C.Hearts ;)

Sadly I will not accept robohats unless massive discount
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both for my KAW hong kong cone
Searing plasma thirst for both?
You'd have to add
How much? cuz people are putting the B/O 7 buds and stuff and thats equal to your B/O
Theres also people putting b/o of 5 and 4
Average is about 6
So how much would you be willing to add?
I unno man. let me get a few offers and ill get back to you on that
Not sure on the offer but you can feel free to add me to discuss. SBTWC Barnstormer. Previous owner was offered 6 pure and the guy on the market is looking for 8 right now.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.