Looking for these Professional Kits or Fabricators

Effect for all MUST be Singularity
Sheen for Backburner MUST be Hot Rod

All other Sheens don't matter, preferably not one of the ones above as I'm not looking for duplicate colors :P

Colors I will NOT accept (List will only grow) - Emerald, Manndarin, Violet
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There's pro fab for flame thrower on community market for $21.85 (cheapest one atm, better hurry) with singularity and violet
I know, someone already bought it, besides, i got one and forgot to take it off on my trade XD
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I've got a Professional KS BackBurner Kit, its effect is Singularity, but its sheen is Mean Green, would you still be interested in this?
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Prof. Axtinguisher Kit
Mean Green
2 Keys!
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How much will you pay for Prof. Axtinguisher Kit with Singularity and Mean Green?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.