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Lt. Scout
Looking to buy keys at about $1.91 USD each ($1.90 if Non-U.S. due to fees). I have plenty of recent rep, more than 100 comments, but if you have a decent amount I'm more than willing to go first. There is NO MINIMUM for selling me keys! If you're skeptical, we can bring in a trusted middleman.
Rep thread:
I am willing to pay more for your keys than most others looking to buy keys!

About me:
Veteran trader; spent thousands of hours on trading forums (Haloburner/hal0burner is my forum name, SOP & SPUF mainly)
Former large scale unusual broker and price checker: and
Steam Account formed in April, 2011
Worked on the original TF2 Spreadsheet (unusuals and regular items) for 6 months (early to mid 2012).
I pay using PayPal, but can get MoneyPak if need be (you better be selling cheaper if MP).
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Have the budget for; ~35 keys
Bought: 100+ keys @ $1.75-1.79

Thanks, and have a good one!
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How much for 10 keys?
added to sell
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.