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Strange Killstreak Machina (Headshot Kills + Heavies Killed) - 20 Keys
Strange Australium Tomislav (Spell: Exorcism) - 12 Keys
Strange Killstreak Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I (Spell: Exorcism) - 6 Keys
Strange Specialized Killstreak Original (Sheen: Mean Green) - 7 Keys
Strange Blood Banker - 1 Key + 4 Ref
Doublecross-Comm (Pink) - 2 Keys + 6 Ref
B.M.O.C. (Black) - 12 Keys
Vintage Bill's Hat (White + Spells: Spectral Spectrum, Headless Horseshoes) - 2 Buds
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edge eddge and edgy
sent trade offer
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6 x MK Komplete fo bmoc
Baron One-Eye
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Miami nights stainless pot for that v.bills?
A pro killstreak collector's fan for the original
1 bud and a strange pro ks pomson for the machina?
i can offer a spec KS festive rocket which is 11$ on market currently so around 4.5 keys, also a killstreak ham shank which is 1$ on market, so thats 5 keys, a festive sticky launcher which is 1 key, so thats 6 keys, and a festive medi gun thats $3+ on market so thats 7 keys + 1 dollar over pay. for original
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Orbiting planets Dragonborn helmet for your v bills?
The Knechtion
Would you trade the Vintage Bill's for a Genuine Grandmaster. Both good hats worth 1.5 buds, what do you say?
Vintage Bill´s Hat @ 260 refined - Send me an offer, tell me in here O.K. to send you an offer or close. Thank you. Cheers.
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