$HFH$ that_damn_red_hoovy
I have 32 keys to add

50 keys pure on the scatter 75 in unusuals

3.6 buds pure on the tossle more in unusuals, I like first gens and disco
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Demonflames Bonkhelm for the Scattergun if you add a bit?
"Bit" meaning a key or so.
I love the effect but the hat is going to be harder to sell than the scattergun for sure
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Aces high level 99 brown bomber for thhe scatter gun? (Its all class) I may be able to add a bit of sweets if necessary
the hat is fine but the effeect is extreemly hard to sell plus it appears to be duped.
ah, alright, well that sucks :/ sorry for the bother
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.