$HFH$ that_damn_red_hoovy
ok guys. here it is. gud deal. u must buy

((yes it is for all intent and purpose the cheapest unusual possible))
Hedgy 春
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What exactly are you asking for this?
Hedgy 春
Because I may have an offer
make an offer my friend. this hat has a ton of collector value so keep that in mind
Hedgy 春
Well I'm buying it for a friend. Hes looking to get into unusual trading and this is like the cheapest unusual I can find so I can give you about 7-8 keys in pure with a couple items
Hedgy 春
because it is gifted
if you want a regular nuts dreadnaught you can get pon for that lol. its the face that this is the cheapest unusual possible because of the gift tag is what makes it collectable
Hedgy 春
ahh I see. Well thanks anyway
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presidont of stanferd
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8 keys?
is it duped?
no. but at this level duping it would remove so little value theres no point. I would like to have a duped one if I could get my hands on them
Dupes can increase the value on hats like these :P
proba m8
Man if this was duped I would have offered :( Always wanted a duped gifted nuts dread
you can still offer haha
10 keys?
looking for much more. its a collectors item
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bmoc + 4 keys pure (only if the dread knott is also duped)
this one is not m8
Got Your Nose
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If it was duped. I'd give my Ebola unusual. Aka nuts and bolts, gifted/duped private eye.
i dont want another collectors unusual really. I just want a regular item really
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Wait, so since it's worth very little that makes it collector's and worth more? ;D
lol I can see where the confusion comes from, the reason it is a collectors item is because it is among one of the cheapest unusuals possible. if it was duped then it would be worth even less
Ohhh I see :P gl selling
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isn't collectors if it isn't duped m8
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Sorry for posting here but what did you get for that Frostbite Warpig?
im a broker and it belonged to a client of mine
Yeah I know that but I asked what did you sell it for. Nvm though, already found out anyway.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.