Selling this Strange Original for 6.5 keys, I will also take overpay in items/killstreaks, just leave your offer below.

It has 3 great strange parts ( prices):
-Gib Kills (4 ref),
-Critical Kills (2.45 keys),
-Airborne Enemies Killed (1 key)

I can add a specialised killstreak kit to it of you pay 1,5 keys extra, OR a normal killstreak kit for half a key extra.

The Original itself being 5 keys, 6.5 keys with the parts added to it :)

Send me a trade offer if interested, or add me if you want to discuss the trade further. If you're going to add me, please leave a comment either here, or on my Steam profile just saying you added me to discuss the trade. Thanks! :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.