Selling the following cosmetics for pure or item overpay, all cosmetics on the low side of suggestion:
-The Cockfighter = 2.55
-The Flared Frontiersman = 1.22
-Non-Craftable Last Breath = 4.22
-Non-Craftable Pip Boy = 1.55
-Non-Craftable Crone's Dome = 1
-Non-Craftable Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime Fast Learner = 8
-Non-Craftable Value of Teamwork Camera Beard = 8.33
-Non-Craftable Purity Fist = 1.33
-Non-Craftable Wraith Wrap = 0.66
-Non-Craftable Triboniophorus Tyrannus = 1
-Non-Craftable Trophy Belt = 0.88
-Sole Mate = 1.55
-Drably Olive Merc's Muffler - 4.66

Add me or send a trade offer:
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Will you accept hats of an equal value or do I have to pay in metal?
Metal would be preferred, If you pay in cosmetics, I would like a little bit of overpay.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.