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Violation of Trade Rule #6: No trades that aren't trades. This rule includes any form of donations, services, asking for crates to unbox, troll trades, building up one weapon to an unusual, raffles, etc.

Stating you accept donations or encouraging people to donate is a violation of this rule. Even if this is only a secondary aspect of the trade. However, you are allowed to have a Wall of Donators or state you appreciate all previous donors.

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Howie's Weapon Emporium
Hello community!

I'm closing down my weapons shop, and going to collect Bushwacka's!
Trade any one bushy for any one weapon, of your choice, in my backpack, pages one through ten.
Trade any two bushies, get [/u]three weps.

Donations are also kindly accepted, but not expected.
Current total donation count: 0

Quick add, click: steam://fri...373401
Trade offers:

Thanks for looking,
+Rep is appreciated!

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The Mersh
Hey. I'd gladly trade you my Bushwacka, but when I try using your trade offer link it gives me an error message. Are you sure it's the right link? :-/
It may be out-dated! I appoligze! I will add ya instead. Thanks!
I have a bushwacka trade me
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.