Looking for offers on these Squeaky Clean Unusuals

Hood is 1 of 1, the others are all 1 of 2

Ninja Hood - 15 Buds, 16+ in Unusuals
Reggae - 10 Buds, 11+ in Unusuals
Das Maddendoktor - 9 Buds, 10+ in Unusuals
Tough Guy's Toque - 4 Buds, 5+ in Unusuals

I prefer Pyromancer offers but will consider anything
I will accept Aussies, Strange Festives and regular strange Items
I will NOT add ridiculous amounts if your weapon is Professional Killstreak

I'm not one of those traders who demand overpay in Gen 3 hats, I will consider any effect

Favorite Effects

- Hearts and Cloud 9
- Roboactive
- Scorching Flames
- Disco
- Phosphorus
- Halloween Effects

Hide = Nty
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.