• Completed
2 EOTL keys, price is firm. Send me a trade offer please, don't add me.

If you insist on paying with normal keys, the price wil be 3 keys.
LaKi MweP
u made a big enemy mate :)
I'm shaking in my boots...
LaKi MweP
rly? I was just kidding... dont be scared i love u <3
Sorry to bother you on your post but I have the offer proof. Just don't know how to post it. How should I go about doing that? The hats I was offered equal about 13 buds in unusuals. It was the hotties hoodie with cloudy moon effect, and the mann of reason with terror watt effect. And skyrim legendary edition which I think is 4 keys.
Take a screenshot and upload to to a filehost like, then post that link in your trade notes.
ah ok. that makes sense. I thought there was a way to post the actual picture like a .IMG file like on other forums
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.