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$HFH$ that_damn_red_hoovy
all dese hats m8.

I want 15 keys for the dread

ass the hats are super clean except the dreadnaught but thats the point.

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How is a Miami modest, Mimi bicorn, and memory leak milkman?
For the veil?
all new effects m8, that veil has a first gen halloween effect, I would much rather have older effects
Aight. That's why I included overpay. But if ya don't like it Good luck selling m8
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Eerie orbiting fire w/ black paint and bruised purple foot prints for chieftain's
Girl Crush
Ace High Rack + Killstreak Strange Australium Stickybomb Launcher and some more sweets for the Miami Rack
can i give my unusual furious fukaamigasa for you pot unusual add me if you want
not interested sorry. I dont like steaming
Burning bat spartan for chief and max.
how about a TAW headsplitter for the miami nights rack
not interested in terrorwatt sorry
1 bud for the dread knot
already sold man, sorry
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PE Conquistador + 5 keys for Max?
im not really interested in that hat, sorry
Ok, gl selling!
see u never =)
clean ghosts hustler for chief ?
add me m8 I like that offer
australium grenade launcher + collector pro killstreak sydney sleeper + strange specialized killstreak widowmaker for max ?
the widowmaker and sydney are going to be extreemly hard to sell
i trade my widowmaker for a strange pro killstreak atomizer but i guess it not better ? :/
its about the same im afraid
well can you take a look at my bp and tell me what i would have to give you for the max ? maybe you will just say no cuse my bp is a bit empty
im sorry dude but theres not much else in your bag. you are on the right track with that grenade launcher so trade your stuff around a bit more and come back and maybe then we can work something out
okay thank you !
i receive 25 keys for the grenade , would you like 25 keys + my 2 pro killstreak for your max ?
i really dont want those killstreaks man
okay ill try to sell them on the steam market or trade them !
well i guess i will not be able to get that max finally , bud price is going back , and i just have 36 keys :/
sorry man
burning swagmans for veil but can u add a bit
i couldnt add for it no, i want 15 in unusuals
Hmm ok well do u want to do a 1:1
sf specialized rocket + planets geisha+ planets honcho+8 keys for the rack
the planets will be too hard to sell Im sorry
if i sell them would you do it?
how about a ghosts shako
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.