Hi i sell this nice unsual !!
prefer 1st gen offer

Price ->
Kabuto : 1,7 pure / 2 in other offer
Rag : 6,5 pure / 7,5 in other offer
Party: 3 pure / 3,5 in other offer
Pompom:1,5 pure / 1,7 in other offer
Lord : 3 pure / 3,5 in offer
Vodoo: 2Pure / 2,5 in otjer

Have a nice day :) -> MERRY XMAS :D
hey would you do a bud pure for it?'
Maxton [FR]
GE metal drill hat(2 in existence) for pith
okay jtajoute :)
{~ILK~} Peachiekinz
TerrorWatt Grease Lightning for the Pith?
i will pass but thanks for offer
Pom-pom + Party (BOTH 3rd GEN) for a Huntsman Knife Forest DDPat FT?
insane asylum
le party phantom for a strange gold prof killstreak amby + my leparty phantom with the effect stormy storm
added :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.