dpi.erico [TF2 Odds Collector]
Okay, so I've got a similar idea as my previous trade ( http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/3795536 ), which is to acquire certain items that can't be obtained in clean non-# form, with a specific craftnumber.

That means I'm looking for the following weapons:

AWPer Hand #851 - Second                             I get to make!
Freedom Staff #880
Quäckenbirdt #947 - Didn't think I'd get to cross any of these off the list, but look at that                             :o
Nostromo Napalmer #30474 - I crafted this myself!
Ham Shank #1013 - not mentioned in the wishlist, but it's in another trade)

I'll only be looking for these exact #s, so not Freedom Staff #1880, or Nostromo Napalmer #3047, etc.

If you have any of these, or know anybody who has these, or know where I might easily find one of these, let me know! :)

"I offered the wrong item, darn this illiteracy!"-count: 18 (19 before reset since previous trade)

My trades are usually quite extensive (i.e. a lot of text), but this is necessary when you're buying non-ordinary items,
so please read carefully what I'm after in each trade! In the long run it's a big time-saver for both of us :) Thanks for reading!!
Mrmerfeo4 #AWOL
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Wow you have quiet wierd idea to get very specific items
I wish you good luck
Hehe thanks c:
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You still have the most amazing backpack. Halloween collection to the normal key and unmarked crates! Hope all is well
J. Jonah Jameson
Though it's not #880 it would seem ;)
J. Jonah Jameson
uh Tickle you
Tickle me?
J. Jonah Jameson
I replace fuck .-. *im such a wearth* :c
Gotta respect censorship on an intended to be family-friendly website :3
J. Jonah Jameson
Meabe Sompe day :/
Or perhaps today!
J. Jonah Jameson
For me it's today ;)
selling the awp for 3 ref only purre take mit or leave it
I'll leave it, but not because of the price, because that's actually fair, but because I already have the one I wanted =p
i know its a little off topic, but are you interested in lvl 42 quackenbirdt? also i got freedom staff 150062 if thats good
I'm just after these 4 specific craftnumbers, so I'll pass on both :)
I have the naplamer so add me if u want it
You have an uncraftable Nostromo Napalmer, that automatically rules out the possibility of it having any craftnumber =p
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add me :)
For the Napalmer? Because the one in your trade has a different craftnumber unfortunately.
According to trade.tf (idk hwo reliable it is) the nostromo has only gotten up to craft #19,000, not sure if that helps. Also, i cant believe you still have my gift wrapped crate!
I think that's an accurate number, the highest craftnumbers I've seen are in the 19,000s.. So we're about 2/3rd on the way, more waiting for now I guess :3
Aww yeah, still do <3
Awesome! Glad I could help a little!
hey, im sorry if this is considered spam, but would you be interested in a non-tradable unique bat? I've never seen one before
Not particularly, I prefer clean items personally. Not considered spam though ^^
alright! I just wanted to see if you were interested, since you would be the first person i go to with any odds and ends
Haha that is so awesome, thanks :D
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why do you want specific craft numbers?
I mean, what difference does it make?
Because I can't get clean Unique versions without a craftnumber, so then this is my next-best solution apart from getting a random Genuine one ^^
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Sorry for posting this here but are you interested in this
not really odd but its just soothing to see
I would use the word comforting myself, but I get what you mean ^^ Though unfortunately I'll still have to pass, as I have no collection to put them with (non-# collections =p).
Alright cool, hiding for space, thanks anyway
freedom staff craft 26 with professionall sheen for 5 keys
I'll pass on that, I'm not looking for random low-crafts, even with 26 being quite low =p
S:Genuine Nostromo Napalmer for 1 key or overpay
I'm not after a Genuine one unfortunately =p
Funnyman Adam Sandler
i just crafted a nostromo napalmer, at about craft #22,000, so you may have to wait a little while
I'm actually hoping to craft it myself, though I have yet to acquire more Pyro and Primary Slot Tokens (or the weapons to makde them).
Pumpin' in the 90s
Hey, sorry if this is considered spam :'(

Why exactly are you looking for those specific craft#'s?
(I'm aware that General Ignorance asked a similar question, but could you elaborate on why exactly do those numbers awaken your interest? :) )

Thank you for answering :)
It's not considered spam c: But it's because these craftnumbers match the item code of each item. There's Item IDs that change whenever an item is traded, gets a paint applied to it, gets renamed, etc.. And then there's the IDI (Item Definition Index), which is the same for every possible version of that item, meaning every AWPer Hand has IDI 851. So I get the #'s to match the IDI's :)
Pumpin' in the 90s
but wouldn't the IDI change if the item was named? How can you be sure that didn't happen? :D (BTW Thank you for being so kind )
Nope, that's the Item ID. The IDI is set, each and every item no matter custom names/descriptions, paints, strange parts, effects, qualities, levels, amount of times traded, etc. etc. has that IDI.
Big Shaq
How much will you pay for nostromo
I'm not sure actually, #30474 probably won't be crafted for a while, so I haven't checked prices yet.
confirm friend
Is it regarding this trade? Because I'm after 2 very specific items here :o
what you buy for nostromo napalmer
I'm only buying Nostromo Napalmer with craftnumber 30474, but that one doesn't exist yet.
so how much
I don't think you understand the purpose of this trade, or even my previous message explaining it :o I'm not buying just any random weapon.
may I ask why you want those numbers?
Copy/pasted the text from a few posts up, so I hope it's still a clear text, but here's why: these craftnumbers match the item code of each item. There's Item IDs that change whenever an item is traded, gets a paint applied to it, gets renamed, etc.. And then there's the IDI (Item Definition Index), which is the same for every possible version of that item, meaning every AWPer Hand has IDI 851. So I get the #'s to match the IDI's :)
oh, that is cool
Just curious, but why those particular #s?
It's because these craftnumbers match the item code of each item. The so-called IDI (Item Definition Index), which is the same for every possible version of that item, is why every AWPer Hand has the assigned code 851 regardless of things like level, quality, name tags, etc. Usually I get clean Unique non-#'d versions, but since they don't always exist, I get the #'s to match the IDI's :)
that's pretty neat, i wouldn't have ever thought of that
i have the freedom staff add me and we will talk
You seem to have an uncraftable one though =p
Hi i sell nostromos
Heey, but it's probably not the craftnumber I'm after, right? =p
are u interested in a pro killstreak freedom staff for ref or keys its worth like $10 on market so I would need a lot of ref or a few keys to consider the trade. feel free to send a offer https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=144905921&token=Ws5Q5s4k
I'll pass on that one, but thanks anyway!
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I got both the nostromo napalmer and the freedom staff if you wanted to trade
I only want them if they have the craftnumbers specified in the trade notes ;)
Oh, sorry I forgot about those
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seling Nostromo Napalmer for 2 ref
i love this guy the odd collector :D
What can u offer for Freedom Staff?
For a regular one nothing, because I'm only after the specific craftnumber.
Jack Aubrey
Cheers on both links ^^
would you like to buy level 100 lurther leathers?
No thanks, I'll pass on that.
Raymonoir (💕)
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I saw you were a collector of odds and bobs and i wanted to ask if you may be interested in my rare uncraftable lumbricus lid? I couldn't see a specific trade buying any rare items so i posted it here, hope that is okay :)
I'll pass on that, but thanks anyway! Haha and posting here's fine indeed for that reason ;)
Raymonoir (💕)
No problem, If you see anyone who may be interested among your fellow collectors be sure to send them to me :) Thanks again!
Will do!
I have a freedom staff, you can buy it for the cheap price of 0.77
if interested send steam trade vvvvvvv
I'll pass, I'm after a specific craftnumber, but thanks anyway
ok alg
pls trade my
Not the right # ;)
What will you give me for Freedom Staff?
I´m only interested in a specific craftnumber, so I´m actually passing on yours I'm afraid
combustible kabuto #8888 any cares?
While a nice #, I'm gonna have to pass. I'm not into #'s much other than a few specific items :)
A cool #, but not something I can put in a collection, so I'll pass!
Would you by any chance be interested in a #77777, Level 77 Quackenbirdt?
Hah, I do like that even if it's for entirely different reasons.. Any offers on it already?
not so far
would you like to offer?
I'm not exactly sure what would be fair to offer, but seeing as the regular prices seems around the 2 Refined range, I'll go with a metal-based offer: The only appropriate amount, of 7 Refined!
Well I'd be looking for some keys considering the rarity of a level 77 being on a #77777 item, and that making seven 7s.
Not sure rarity is the right term, but it's indeed sheer coincidence to have such luck on crafting an item, so I get what you mean! I'll put the opening offer on a Key then, if no other offers come we can negotiate for a good price later, or if other offers do come I can see if I want to offer more :) Keep me updated if possible, thanks!
Could you do 20 pure for it?
20 Keys? That's way too high for me unfortunately, I don't like it enough to spend that much on it :(
Ah okay, I'll hold out for now and come back to you if I get any other offers. Thanks!
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