Buying ANY Specialized Killstreak kits for 8 ref each!
Except for crappy lower tier melee kits, I will buy for 4 ref

Kits bought so far: 1

Add me for a quick trade
Tom Cruise
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
Hello, i'm sorry for spamming your post, you sent me a trade offer for a gold scattergun and i was not available at that moment and i want to apologize to you for not responding, if you still wish to trade for it i can accept it, if not just hide this message and i will understand if you don't want to trade anymore, it has happened to me this kind of situation before and i know it feels bad. Again, apologies
Well, i was buying it for a friend, but he got one himself before you could accept it. Sorry about that. But thanks anyways
Are you buying just kits or specialized kits applied to unique weapons as well?
Im mostly buying kits, but I'll also buy specialised unique weapons because i need them to complete fabricators
Are you selling any?
no sorry I sold mine but I will tell you if I get any
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.