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❄♦❄ The Frostbite Gibus ❄♦❄

I am so excited! I loved this effect and I hope you like it as much or more than I do!

I am very easy to deal with and love to give good deals
Frostbite Effect is like community sparkle
May be 1 of 1 forever
Be a noob god!
Painted White!
It's a Gibus!
All Class

This is probably worth 40 buds but being gifted I am taking offers around 25 buds or $600, but feel free to offer what you think it is worth. The offer with the most pure will probably win, but you never know.

C/O - Vintage Max + bud
Morning Glory Bubble Pipe + Electro Sensei

Rules on cash offering:
You must be well known for cash. (Not notorious, I mean highly regarded, lol)

Notes: I took a chance with buying gifted, but the good news is, this can be gifted anytime ;) Think HOUWAR
[TNC] Phoenix®
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Why is it gifted?
Swiggity Swagger
Hi, I bought it that way. I know, a travesty. But it is what it is and it is lovely. I recently gifted it because I traded it to another for cash, but that trade got revoked. So it got opened and returned to me.
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I'm glad you got it back, and I actually want to make an offer on it.
My Bubble Pipe, and my Soldered Sensei
Swiggity Swagger
Thank you for returning it to me ;) I am actually impresseed to see the strength and care of the community (especially you for being willing to return the hat). Beautiful offer, but I like the Gibus better. Thanks Timmybo!
You don't keep a pretty girl waiting when she asks you for screenies!! >:(
Swiggity Swagger
I got em, I just need to post em. <3
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.