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~Selling this Australium Force-A-Nature for 17 keys!~
Nice and clean, 6 person history including me.

Offer below, add me or a send a trade offer.
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do you except item overpay
- if so i will pay you an unusual swagmans (steaming), a pro fan of war (incinerator hot rod) a professional killstreak kritzkrieg (incinerator, daf), and strange killstreak flame thrower.
on the market--- (UNUSUAL)- lowestprice is 49$, on goes for 35$ (much better to sell it on the market, Kritzkrieg- goes for 16$, Pro fan goes for 5$, Killstreak flame thrower(strange) goes for 3$
-what do you say-
i have others waiting so the faster you answer the better :D
Honestly not that interested, doesn't seem like a bad deal but unusuals / ks weapons are tough to sell.
np your the trader
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.