Looking for Quicksell Unusual Offers ONLY

People are having a hard time reading, I'M LOOKING FOR QUICKSELL UNUSUALS
I will block anyone who offers unusuals less than 3.5 buds from now on

I will consider all effects although I do prefer the ones listed below :D
(If you are one of those traders who refuse gen 3 offers and offer me a gen 3 effect/hat you might as well leave, I hate those kinds of traders)

I am willing to add some of my unusuals for a good offer
(My Sola Topi and Dead Cone are Exceptions, those will NOT be sold)

Favorite Effects in order

- Hearts and Cloud 9
- Scorching Flames
- Amaranthine
- Roboactive
- Molten Mallard
- Phosphorus
- All other Halloween Effects
- Both Energies

Hide = Nty
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searing dragonborn?
Please read the notes before making offers
Jennifer Aniston <333
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Stormy ten gallon+Logo tyrannus
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.