Swiggity Swagger
❄♦❄ The Frostbite Gibus ❄♦❄

Nice Pic --> http://s.g...R.jpeg
(More Pics inside)

I am so excited! I loved this effect and I hope you like it as much or more than I do!

1 I am very easy to deal with and love to give good deals
2 Frostbite Effect is like community sparkle
3 Already been scammed once from me
4 Gifted, like it should be!
5 May be 1 of 1 forever
6 Be a noob god!
7 Painted White!
8 It's a Gibus!
9 All Class

This is probably worth 40 buds but being gifted I am taking offers around 500-$600, but feel free to offer what you think it is worth. The offer with the most pure will probably win, but you never know.

C/O - (Most interested in cash and will do an awesome deal for cash)
Vintage Max + bud
Morning Glory Bubble Pipe + Electro Sensei (TimmyBo)
Searing Coldsnap Cap (Don Arturo)

Rules on cash offering:
You must be well known for cash. (Not notorious, I mean highly regarded, lol)
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I see you put effort into the pics that time <3
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Misty Allbrero?
Swiggity Swagger
I wish that was an all class hat.... no I like the gibus better, thx man.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.