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Hello there! Welcome to Kettei's ROBO-PART shop!

I'm looking for some offers on these wonderful parts! Feel free to offer away in the comments!

By trading with me, you agree to the following:
1) You're willing to be calm-headed.
2) You will not share any links unless specifically asked for.
3) I'm ALWAYS free to offers, but of course, I prefer pure. I will expect overpay.

Note: If it's shaded in, I'm low on stock, and will not be able to trade the requested part.
Battle-Worn = 0.33, Reinforced = 0.11

Make sure to bookmark the trade so you can find it later!
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Added for your furnaces. Thank you.
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15 Battle-worn Robot Taunt Processer
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I'll buy all of your battle worn parts for .22 each and reinforced for .11 each
No, kindly fuck off.
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Oh so sorry I meant .33 for the battle worns my bad
Sure. Send me an offer.
A Festive Lycan /s
I bought all the money furnaces =P
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.