Looking for offers on these Squeaky Clean Unusuals

Sole is 1 of 3, Reggae is 1 of 2, Tyrant's is 1 of 3
Tyrant's and Reggae are 1 of 1 on the Market

Looking for around
Sole - 14ish Buds
Reggae - 12ish Buds
Tyrant's - 8ish Buds

C/o for Sole + Tyrant's - Blizz Merc's Mohawk + Aces Brainiac

Past Offers/Declined Offers
(Private Add) Poison Shadows Hive Minder + Molten Mallards Private Eye for Sole(11-12ish Buds)(low)
(Private Add) Circling Logo Team Captain(duped) + Bliz Beak for Sole if I add (14-15ish Buds)
(Private Add) Morning Glory Das MaddenDoktor for Tyrants(7-8ish)
(Trade Server) Death at Dusk Bubble Pipe for Sole(?)
(Trade Server) 9 Buds Pure for Sole (Low)
(Trade Server) Frostbite Spook Specs for Sole + Tyrants(20 ish)
(Loyal_Dex) Death at Dusk Dappers for Tyrants(Very Low)
(Moose) Prof.Vint.Big Kill + Bliz Nappers for Tyrants and Reggae(Decent offer)
(Trade Server, and by a marked scammer XD) Overclocked Kiss King + Circling Peace Wraith Wrap for Sole (idk how to price it, he valued it around 11ish)
(Trade Server) Molten Mallard Crone's for All 3 (eh I'm not too certain on this one)
(Trade Server) 10 Buds Pure for the Sole (Tempting but I can't go that low)
(Trade Server) P.Fetti Pyromancer's Hood for Tyrants (good offer but nty)

I can Provide Names for all Past Offers on Request
That being said they may not still own the hats b/c they sold them or whatever you'll have to ask them

I will accept Aussies and Strange Festives

I'm not one of those traders who demand overpay in Gen 3 hats, I will consider any effect

Add Me, Offer Here or Send a Trade Offer, it doesn't make a difference to me

Sole - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=392893268
Reggae - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=334951598
Tyrants - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=392893119

Favorite Effects in order

- Hearts and Cloud 9
- Scorching Flames
- Amaranthine
- Roboactive
- Molten Mallard
- Phosphorus
- All other Halloween Effects
- Both Energies

Hide = Nty
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Can u tell ur b\o on the helm and reagelator so I offer accordingly. Ty
✅High On Hentai
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sunbeams homme+1 buds
TTV Dexelstar
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Do you like my hat?
Sure?, but whats your offer?
TTV Dexelstar
My offer will be the Aus sticky and my hat
for what hat
TTV Dexelstar
1:1 tyrants and ill do 2:1 for reggie
Loyal_Dex(the guy above) asked me to pay 9 buds for his hat when burning wants 5-6, then proceeded to try to convince me my tyrants was worth 4 and my reggae worth 6, you are now blocked
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Professional vintage big kill and minor sweets for the tyrant + reggae
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molten mallard voodoo juju for the tyrant
you'd have to add , other one wants 4
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Overclocked kiss king for the tyrants?
was offered that and more by the scammer you bought it from
unstable herrds
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For the tyrants helm I'll offer a cloud 9 heavy duty rag
I would rather delete the tyrants than take this offer
unstable herrds
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Wow that was rude
lmao herrd u got rekt
I'm not someone known for being nice, you can ask almost anyone who's played mvm with me
any chance for some screenshots on the sole? never actually seen this effect. would appreciate it
Just added some screenshots for them all
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.