Swiggity Swagger
Australium Sale

Australium Professional Scattergun - 59 Keys (Cheapest available) Tornado Violet
Australium Specialized Tomislav - Offer
Australium Professional Stickybomb - 34 keys (Cheapest Available) Fire Horns Emarald

If you do not like my prices, feel free to offer what you think they are worth!
Cloud 9 German Gonzila+pro ks awp for scatter?
Swiggity Swagger
no thx
Moto Moto
hello I'm back with my RL do you remember? It's still untradable but I wanted to talk with you about the offer, I can maybe do 2 buds + the Bubbling Drill
Moto Moto
can you please respond to me?
Swiggity Swagger
Oh hi, yes. Go ahead and leave me a trade offer and I will look over it. TY!
Moto Moto
well, it's still untradable yet, but I'd really love to know if you can do 2 buds pure + the Bubbling Drill :) I'm kinda interested in that
Swiggity Swagger
Lets wait until its tradable, then we can discuss prices. Remember, I have 3 cs:go keys in my bp Iwant to trade you, so I will come up with an offer for you.
Moto Moto
well, 3 keys are almost nothing in this case, but yeah, we will talk later
Added to discuss about the Tomi
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.