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Awesome Rare Hats for sale

Tyrantium 1 of 1
Skullcap 1 of 1
Muffs 1 of 1

Since no prices for most of this, just offer here or trade offer. Thanks.
Can you give me a ball park guess as to the buy out on the skull cap?
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Soggy, as of now there is no buyout. I am testing the waters to see what it is truly worth. What do I expect? I've looked at lesser effects on the same hat and have seen some pretty impressive offers. I am waiting for it to become tradable to actively start selling it.
I'll offer a C9 pom pommed provocateur on the skullcap. Even though it's probably low it's just to get the ball rolling
hello there! I don't really know if you remember me, but I'm that guy with SF ProKS RL, it's tradable already. I'm sending you offer
I'm sorry but I can't find bubbling Drill in your backpack
are you here? please respond, I placed my RL on steam market I don't know if you are interested
I'll add you to talk
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Hey man, at work, won't be home for a little while. I saw your offer, but I am seeing similiar rocket launcher going for 39 keys which is less than three buds and is not a quicksell price
ok, sending offer with 39 pure
ok, trade offer sent
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:o, dat tyrants, could you give me a ballpark for it?
its so beautiful ;D
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Hey man, Like I said, these hats do not have prices, but just like you, I really love tyrants so it would take a special offer to get it from me <3
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.