Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to restruante de Nooge.

Our two chefs specials tonight are:

Burning Gentleman's Gatsby B/o: 5 Pure
This virtual hat will place you at the top of any scoreboard almost immediately. It features a smooth Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge paint, topped with burning and agony of the head.

Circling Peace Sign Blightened Beak B/O: 4 pure
Our second item on the menu tonight is a delightful misc that spreads peace and love wherever it goes. The nose is dipped in Pink as Hell paint to symbolise the worlds greed and why we should all occasionally stop and admire the peace and beauty around us.

Please, feel free to contact me through an add on steam, a trade offer, a comment here, smoke signals, whatever you fancy.

Enjoy your stay.
Heh... I love ur menu <33
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$90 through paypal or steam market for the beak.
Knifestorm mountain cap for beak
Or max head + 3 keys Or 40 keys whatever u want
DP viewfinder aye? could also do smoking antlers or aces antlers + 2 buds
Can't stand dead presidents (I'm too patriotic) I like the antlers but smoking isn't the best effect, and aces + 2 buds is too low for me to accept.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.