Selling these Clean Unusuals

Prices for my hats are
Mohawk - 18 Buds
Reggae - 9 Buds

C/o for Mohawk - Duped Sunbeams Tyrant's + Aussie Scattergun + Orb. Fire Big country + 1 Bud

Past Offers
18 Buds pure for the Mohawk (was a collecting offer, so i turned it down)
Vivid Plasma Lucky Shot + Clean Max's + Prof S.Direct Hit for Mohawk(14ish, low)
Morning Glory Black Watch + 1 Bud Pure + Stormy Sola for Mohawk(18 ish, I didn't like the black watch :I)
Ghastly Jr Brainiac for Mohawk (low)
Death at Dusk Tyrant's Helm + 1 Bud for Mohawk
Cloudy Moon Hermes for Mohawk

Fun Facts
Mohawk is 1 of 3, Reggae is 1 of 2
Mohawk is 1 of 2 on the market(1 of 1 on outpost) and the other is only Accepting 300 Keys(30Buds)(check bp.tf classifieds)
Reggae is 1 of 1 on the market and has been since I unboxed it
There is no Ooze Reggae on the market
There is 1 Amaranthine Reggae on the market (He wants 10+ Buds)
Both Hats are Clean

Bp.tf may list my hat at 15 or whatever, I'm not going to go by it's price, regardless mine is still the cheapest on the market

I will accept Aussies and Strange Festives

I'm not one of those traders who demand overpay in Gen 3 hats, I will consider any effect

Add Me, Offer Here or Send a Trade Offer, it doesn't make a difference to me

Due to too many stupid people, If you have a "tentative" or "collecting" offer, just don't bother offering until you have the offer or until you are sure of the offer

Favorite Effects in order

- Hearts and Cloud 9
- Scorching Flames
- Amaranthine
- Roboactive
- Molten Mallard
- Phosphorus
- All other Halloween Effects
- Both Energies

Hide = Nty
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cloud9 attendant for braniac?
playboi rich
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GoatPro | trade.tf
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Ghastly Jr Brainiac for that Mohawk? Feel free to counter offer :))
you'd have to add
GoatPro | trade.tf
how much exactly?
Seeing as your b/o is 15 and you have little to no offers, you'd have to add around 5+ buds
GoatPro | trade.tf
I can do 2 buds..
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anychance you can add for discusion??
zXc| s>aussie rocket
Beams Thirst blood + Dusk Whoopee cap + 4 buds pure for mohawk? Can add some keys and sweets if need be.
a very interesting offer, add me and we can talk, I get home in 2 hours so we can talk then
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How much added to a ooze kabuto?
Seeing as the previous 2 owners had trouble selling it at 10-11, you'd have to add alot
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.