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Unusual Hats (List generated at [URL=http://tf2...m[/URL])[list]
[*]Unusual Blighted Beak (Orbiting Fire) (White)
[*]Unusual Cadaver's Cranium (Cloud 9)
[*]Unusual Grenadier's Softcap (Roboactive)
[*]Unusual Hotrod (Green Confetti)
[*]Unusual Larrikin Robin (Smoking)
[*]Unusual Little Buddy (Sunbeams) (Gold)
[*]Unusual Prince Tavish's Crown (Burning Flames)
[*]Unusual Soldered Sensei (Disco Beat Down)

Rare Promos[list]
[*]Max's Severed Head x 2
[*]Voodoo Juju (Untradeable, Gifted)

Strange Weapons[list]
[*]Strange Festive Medi Gun
[*]Strange Festive Rocket Launcher
[*]Strange Festive Sniper Rifle
[*]Strange Gunslinger
[*]Strange Kritzkrieg

I'd like to keep one of the Max Heads, but you could pick either one if you wish to. There is also some other stuff of low value available, like

1x Strange Bacon Grease
2x Crate #50
6x Crate #40
1x Full Mark I Gold Botkiller Set

The rest of the items are either normal stranges of low value that I'd prefer to keep, or basically a whole bunch of craft hats.

My crate and key collection, as well as the 2 Unusuals not listed here are not for sale.
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.