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Hello all you Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I will be selling a Pro KS Vintage Lugermorph!
It has the best looking sheen and the best killstreak effect in my opinion
If you want a photo of it i can link one in here.
My B/O is 14 keys but that is just a buyout.
Looking for some good offers mainly pure but unusuals are nice too.
Offer here please! Only add if you have an offer that i cant refuse!
Thanks and Have a Nice Day!
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
i lied sorry
Lol it confused me, my fault though. If you change your mind though or if you want something else from my bp i could trade them
u offered 2.5 for 4 unusual, ofcourse i wil mot trade
I offered 3.5+ Pure sweets but okay. Keep thinkin that
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.