Selling earbuds for $19.50 USD.
Bud Stock: 6

I accept: Paypal, UK Bank Transfer

My Rep:
❧ 3+ years on steam, level 44 profile
❧ 2,200+ TF2 hours
❧ Backpack worth ~$4,000
❧ Done cash trades amounting to thousands of dollars
Rep Thread: http://tf2...7720.0

❧ You will go first unless you have more rep than me
❧ You will cover all fees
❧ I will not trade with new accounts or anyone marked/cautioned on steamrep, not even pending reports
❧ I reserve the right to refuse trade with anyone suspicious

Add me if you wanna buy some boods. :)
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Lord "Bendy" Bendtner
I will buy all 19.
Lord "Bendy" Bendtner
Add me
the butterman
Added for le single bud.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.