Selling this Prof. Aussie Scattergun
Has a few really good S.parts

B/o - 45 Keys

I've been offered 4 buds pure twice and 5+ in Unusuals multiple times, so stop offering bellow 4

I will accept Aussies and Strange Festives

I'm not one of those traders who demand overpay in Gen 3 hats, I will consider any effect

Add Me, Offer Here or Send a Trade Offer, it doesn't make a difference to me

Favorite Effects in order

- Hearts and Cloud 9
- Scorching Flames
- Amaranthine
- Roboactive
- Molten Mallard
- Phosphorus
- All other Halloween Effects
- Both Energies

Hide = Nty
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flaming lantern l'inspecteun super clean worth 41 keys + a strange grenade launcher strange spek sticky bomb launcher + strange spek eyelander?
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Searing Plasma Wet Works + 2 keys
Unusual Anger (Disco beat down), has Horseless headshoes halloween footpritns. for Ausie scattergun
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.