Hello, Thanks for passing and reading my trade post! I will try to make best experience possible.
I (gidonyou) am trying the best to make stable, trusted, quick experience as possible.

If you are looking for Payday 2 for reduced price, you are in right place!

:Price (Feature):
4 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key(s)
4 Any (CS:GO) Key(s) - Except for Capsule Key(s)
9 Tour of Duty Ticket(s)
Steam Trade Link:

:Price (Others):
72 Refined Metal (18 ref = 1 TF2 Key) *
13 Sack of Gems
12,986 Gems
12 Sack of Gems + 986 Gems
9 TF2 Name Tags
Your Offer - Anything Worth MORE-THAN $9 (please check restriction)
Steam Trade Link:

- Item must be marketable. (Except for Refined Metal)
- It CAN be combination of many items. However, maximum of 10 combination.
- Maximum of 5 Trade Cards.
- You can offer a offer with Korean since it is my native language.

Response will be made (hopefully) within 24 hours. If you are banned by any kind of Steam (organization) or 10+ reported friend, then it will most likely to get denied.

*Refined Metal is based on PLUS 1 metal
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.