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Taking offers

Not taking bp. tf price, so don't even bother. I do realise it dropped in price because of some little stupid suggestion...

1 of 1 in the market

1 of 3 in existence

B/O: 100 keys


Previous offers:
- Disco beatdown Horrific Headsplitter + Australium Flamethrower + Strange Festive Grenade Launcher (Might have taken it, but sold it already :( )

Offer below
Bad Boy RysN.
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sorry for what i think might be a lowball but i am offering a Dbd Headsplitter + aussi flame spek ks with parts and spells.
Its an alright offer, but Im not interested in 3rd gen effects that much sorry. If you can add more, I might consider it
Bad Boy RysN.
i can add a strange festive spek ks grenade.
I would have highly considered that offer, but it seems you've sold the head splitter.. oh well :(
Bad Boy RysN.
welp gud luck anyway :)
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Harvest Moon Pugilist's Protector
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.