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Selling Haunted Ghosts Samur-Eye

- Clean (
- Not 3rd gen :D
- Popular demoman hat
- Custom name and description (Not by me if you were wondering)

Im very interested in the hats on the right
Im not interested in 3rd gen effects, unless MASSIVE overpay!

No B/O, but don't offer below the Backpack. tf price.


Only add me if you have an amazing offer or you're offering pure!
Ego boundary :⇄:
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Weird Wacky Wildteeth
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G. Fetti Modest if you add a bit
I offered a 1:1 on the server we met on, but you declined and Im not interested in adding sorry.
Weird Wacky Wildteeth
I'll do it if you can add three keys otherwise no
drunk uncle
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Aussie RL for it?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.