Taking offers on a Poisoned Shadows Killer's Kabuto!

- Clean (http://backpack.tf/item/2049058935)
- 1 of 1 (probably forever)
- God tier hat/effect
- Limited Halloween effect
- Popular soldier hat
- Very short history with no scammers
- Painted black
- Level 42

Someone had offered this for my Misty Skull Modest Pile of Scrap and I took it.
Before my trade was made, the previous owner bought it for the following items:
- Sunbeams Killer's Kabuto
- Collectors Disciplinary Action
- Collectors Reserve Shooter
- Australium Black box


This hat was very recently priced at 182 keys on Backpack. tf. Due to this, I have decided on a B/O of 220 keys/ more in unusuals
Im quite interested in all-class hats and misc (e.g. Modest/Antlers)
Im NOT interested in 3rd gen hats, unless MASSIVE overpay
Not too interested in unpriced unusuals either unless you provide some solid evidence as to what you think its worth

I don't have much to add, so don't expect me to add an insane amount of keys for your unusual
Please don't lowball


Previous offers worth mentioning:
- Bonzo The All-Gnawing Pencil Pusher (had B/O of 200 keys)
- Sunbeams Pampered Pyro + Haunted Ghosts Big Country (205 keys)

You may add me if you want to make a private offer or if you're offering pure.
If not, please post below and try to avoid adding me as I am not on 24/7.
On another note, Im looking for someone to make an SFM for this hat. Please add me if you're interested or post below.
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I'll throw down a bonzo pencil pusher to start you off. ~200 keys or so.
Im not too interested in engineer cosmetics and Im looking for more, sorry. Appreciate the offer though!
level 42 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Exi S< unu 50-281 key
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Sunbeams pampered 164-178 + hg bigcountry 34
Nice priced unusuals, but I'm looking for more. So no thanks.
Exi S< unu 50-281 key
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What would i need to add too that?
Honestly, I just don't like those hats sorry :(
Exi S< unu 50-281 key
no worries, you have one godlike hat i completely understand 😀
Chao$ Blade
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22 Buds+50 keys+possible sweets
I saw your trade before and I didn't post anything because it wasn't enough for me sorry :(, thanks for the pure offer though!
cool hat you got there, i wish i could buy it :(
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Add for mg muffin
You've sold it
yea ;c sorry. I can offer spellbound bicorne + 6 keys + Sf sticky + awp asiimov + ks machina + something more
That would be too low sorry.
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Kevin the Chicken God
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you add for mallard mohawk?
I wouldn't add sorry.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.