Selling a Searing Plasma Vive la France

- Clean
- 1 of 1 in the world
- God tier hat
- Only 59 unusual versions of this hat making it very limited
- All-class!

B/O: 160 keys / more in unusuals


Im not too interested in 3rd gen effects, although some are ok. I do not want any robo hats at all.
Mostly interested in the hats on the right, willing to 1:1 or maybe upgrade.

Add me if paying B/O or offering a decent amount of pure, or if you just have an amazing offer!
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How's a clean, 1 of 1 C.Peace Aviator Assasssin for your Vive?
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I'm back with some pure. Fancy my Aviator plus all my pure?
No thanks still, Im looking for more. I don't like the effect either sorry :(
I see. No worries, good luck selling your Vive :)
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1/2 Demonflame Saltydog
I know this is low, but i'm offering anyway cause I love this hat: Cauldron Bubbless Sultan's Ceremonial, Miami Nights Whoopee Cap, Power Surge Stainless pot. All clean, you probably won't want this but add me if ya do.
Yea sorry, but its too low =/ Thanks for the interest in the hat though. GL with your trades :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.