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Hello, Thanks for passing and reading my trade post! I will try to make best experience possible.
I "gidonyou" am trying the best to make stable, trusted, quick experience as possible.

Why me?
Flexible - You can pay with any item.
Dual Language - I can speak English and S.Korean
Affordable - I am trying to make cheap and affordable as possible.
Instant - When I am online, it takes 0 minute to trade (bots). If not, within 24 hours.
Chat Ready - Stuck or discuss about trade, just add me and start chatting.

Feel free to add me as your friend to chat/discuss about trade.
Friend Link:

If you are looking for Carouser's Capotain you are in right place!

You can ask to remove or remove your self "Crafted by: gidonyou" by clicking Restore on inventory.

:Price (Feature):
1.44 Refined Metal (1 scrap is equal to 0.11 REF)
any item from tf2 worth this hat.
Steam Trade Link:

Response will be made (hopefully) within 24 hours. If you are banned by any kind of Steam (organization) or 10+ reported friend, then it will most likely to get denied.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.