• Completed
Paying 1.5+ keys for a Strange Beggar's Bazooka with the Strange Part: Robots Destroyed applied to it.

Read carefully:
-I wont pay extra for any other parts, unless the parts are strictly MvM related
-I can pay extra for any killstreakers applied to it, but only for cheap. No Professionals.
-I dont want to give away my only ticket, so if you can, have spare change for 2 keys, like a TOD ticket or 8.66 ref.
-You can send me a trade offer with the things I asked for only (My 2 keys for The Strange Bazooka + change), but if you want to bargain, please leave a comment below with your offer. DO NOT ADD ME TO BARGAIN. DO NOT ADD ME TO OFFER. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW.
-Everything must be already applied. No separate selling.
-I want the Bazooka, not the killstreak kit only, nor the strange part only, nor the ticket only.

Hope we can get to a deal. Offer down below.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.