Looking to swap UNUSUAL for UNUSUAL(s) with the effects shown

Not looking to make a profit, you should not expect one either, i just fancy a change.
Particularly interesting in Antlers, MiningLight, PencilPusher, ExquisiteRack, any decent Scout or Demo hat!

Hats i have to swap... ranging from 15 to 200 keys :)

Unusual Crocleather Slouch (Disco Beat Down)
Unusual Crone's Dome (Electrostatic)
Unusual Defiant Spartan (Aces High)
Unusual Horrific Headsplitter (Blizzardy Storm)
Unusual Hotrod (Bonzo The All-Gnawing)
Unusual Hotrod (Roboactive)
Unusual Kiss King (Aces High)
Unusual Professor's Peculiarity (Kill-a-Watt) (Gold)
Unusual Rimmed Raincatcher (Smoking) (Black)
Unusual Salty Dog (Cloud 9) (White)
Unusual Sammy Cap (Miami Nights)
Unusual Stainless Pot (It's A Secret To Everybody)
Unusual Titanium Tyrolean (Bonzo The All-Gnawing) (Black)

Please send a trade offer or post below.

Only add me if you are a reasonable person and are not going to waste my time trying to make a stupid profit.
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Hey, I was just wondering if you would give anything for a clean DBD Titanium Pillar Of Hat. I know its robo, so im not expecting full price. If you have an unusual worth 50-60 keys that ill like, ill gladly take it.
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Gimmy The Cute Iron
Unusual Crocleather Slouch (Disco Beat Down) for my Unusual Bombing Run (Cloud 9) ?? price is near
1 euro different
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.