• Completed
Selling an Orbiting Fire Condor's Cap

- 1 of 1
- Very Limited unusual hat
- Clean

No B/O, but just don't lowball!
Keep in mind the Smoking version of this hat is priced at 30 keys, and orbiting fire is better
Not interested in 3rd gens or robo hats
Offer below

Add me if you want to make a private offer, offering pure or just have an amazing offer!
Not sure if offer still stands on my 13th spartan, but if soo add me
Well my offer for your spartan included a ghosts samur eye as well, but I've sold that.. =/
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I've got an australium scattergun, and can throw in a bill's hat painted white, maybe a few more sweets. Up to you, dude.
this may disappear, no rush, but... Idk man
Looks like you've got a dead presidents one already. I would have been pretty interested in that offer though. Thanks anyways
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P.E big elfin dead
No thanks, I don't like the hat unfortunately.
Could add keys
Sorry, but just not interested in the elfin deal, unless you can add a decent amount of keys...
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.