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What's up my nerd dizzles?

Before you offer, PLEASE READ:

I'm looking for end-game items worth up to $700. I'm pretty much only interested in:
- High Tier 1st-gen unusuals i.e. Burning / Scorching / Sunbeams / Energies / maybe even Circling Hearts!
-Fountain of Delight / Holy Grail Taunts

Please include the PRICE you're looking for, I'm not going to offer on your items!
I will pay by Paypal/Keys
Rep: http://tf2...7720.0

Key Stock: 285

However please note:
- This is the last stretch of cash I'd like to put on pixels. It's unlikely I'd spend more than $700, but you could try your luck. :3
- Nothing in my backpack is up for trade at the moment. Please don't ask me to "add" my beak / pan / whatever.
- I'm only buying items that I'll keep, so don't be offended if I turn your item down.
- Although if you do offer an item I'm interested in, I'm likely to pay much more than other quickbuyers would.

Go on! Peak my interest! :)
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70€ or 77$ for unusual lucha orbitng fire
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Any interest in a peace hazmat, hearts wraith wrap, or scorching ballcap? All are clean. If so, let me know which one(s) you're interested in, if at all, and I'll shoot you back a price. If you're not interested, feel free to hide. :)
Gah I'd be so interested in that ballcap if I didn't just buy a beams whoopee, how much are you looking for it though?
I had a guy collecting 300 keys for it not too long ago. Maybe roughly 500 though I'm somewhat lenient just depends on how comfortable you are with it.
Yea I'll have to pass, don't wanna spend that much on a scout only unusual (although it's damn cool :p), and pretty happy with my beans whoopee, but thanks for the offer though, and good luck selling your hats! :)
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I have unusual forth 22 keys. But i dont want use paypal. You can have hat for only 19 krys.
Add me if you want make profit. Its good trade
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Burning Flames Pyro's Beanie? worth 83 keys on backpack so I'd take like $150 USD.
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Flies Cold Killer for $200 USD
nty i dont play sniper
Zer - Friskydingo
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Scorching Flames Old Guadalajara
Burning Flames Berliner's Bucket Helm
Burning Flames Bombing Run
Vivid Plasma Mining Light

any of these interest you?
How much in keys/$ for the guad?
Zer - Friskydingo
80 keys or if you would be willing to pay in bitcoin versus paypal (was victim of chargeback theft/bitcoin is more secure - I have flawless rep with cash trading) I would come down on the price.
Would you be interested in an Unusual Galvanized Gibus, the effect is Blizzardy Storm. Let me know.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.