✪ Mike
I'm Buying the Following Pyro Cosmetics:

The Head Warmer :------------------------- 2 Refined
The Winter Wonderland Wrap:----------2 Refined
El Muchacho:---------------------------------- 1.88 Refined
North Polar Fleece:-------------------------- 2.22 Refined
Trickster's Turnout Gear:------------------2.33 Refined
The Blizzard Breatherr:--------------------- 2.55 Refined
Pyro's Beanie:---------------------------------3.33 Refined
Torcher's Tabard:----------------------------- 4 Refined

NOTE: Try to not Put the first Refs you see in my backpack in the Trade Offer
I Get more than One Trade offer and the Refineds Might be Sold Out.

Send me a Trade Offer Here:


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Trade offers only! They are accepted automatically* if the correct amount is offered. Adds will be ignored, UNLESS you leave a comment either here or on my profile letting me know why I am being added.

Thanks and Have a Nice Day!
The only Juan
i've added you
✪ Mike
You can Send a trade Offer here
✪ Mike
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Offer sent
★ ZiX ★
Sent 2 Ref for Winter Wonderland Wrap.. I took 6 Reclaim.. :) Instead of 2 Ref
i saw you have an extra fleece, and ive been looking for one, they are same price, head warmer for the north polar fleece?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.