✪ Mike
I'm Buying the Following Demoman Cosmetics:

Double Dog Dare Demo Pants :------- 1.77 Refined
The Tartantaloons:---------------------------2.55 Refined
The Juggernaut Jacket:-------------------- 2.55 Refined
Prince Tavish's Crown:-------------------- 2 Refined
The Tartan Shade:--------------------------- 3 Refined
Mann of the Seven Sees:----------------- 6 Refined
The Liquor Locker:---------------------------1.33 Refined
Double Dynamite:---------------------------- 1.33 Refined

NOTE: Try to not Put the first Refs you see in my backpack in the Trade Offer
I Get more than One Trade offer and the Refineds Might be Sold Out.

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Trade offers only! They are accepted automatically* if the correct amount is offered. Adds will be ignored, UNLESS you leave a comment either here or on my profile letting me know why I am being added.

Thanks and Have a Nice Day!
Do you pay more for paints?
✪ Mike
20% of the Paint Value
you don't have enough metal
✪ Mike
Bookmark this Trade and check it Later
sent offer
Big Kahuna
dont have proper metal in your inventory
can you uncraft a refined metal
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Trade offer sent.
I'd like to add you just becasue I got my trade offers blocked for 7 days but the normal trade works just fine.
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Sent offer
sent offer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.