Scorching Flames Old Guadalajara
its a offer but mostly looking for 6 buds +
blizz honchos and 1 bud?
sell the blizz honchos for 5 buds then we can talk :)
ehhh ill see
I have a question how much did you buy it for? I am sorry for asking if it was $300 since I did not know if you ment the one before you bought it or when you bought it.
the last one of these sold for $300usd which is about 10 buds. i am selling this for only 6!
oh okay thanks. well I am gonna bm this till I have the funds
i can offer a stormy berliners and 2 painted bills
Stormy Storm Luckyshot!
sell it for 6 buds then come trade me
what about it?
  • CWS
Purple Smoking Handyman's Handle, Bubbling Kabuto, and a bud.