Lt. Scout
Hey all, I'm brokering this lovely knife for a friend! We're looking for mainly PayPal money and keys, but skins and knife offers work as well! Prices are listed below in each!

Price in Keys: 20 CSGO Keys of any kind.
Price in Cash (USD): $40, I am extremely reputable. You will be going first.
Price in skins: $45 worth of skins that are desirable to the client (he will decide whether or not he likes the items).
Price in other knives: Will swap 1:1 with any knife valued in the $44-48 USD range on the steam market.

Please add me, send me a trade offer, or offer here if interested! Have a good day!
elmudd all the ref + 2 items of your choice
My entire TF2 backpack: (item overpay)
Do you accept tf2 and csgo items?

1:1? Send a steam trade offer if deal. Thanks and cheers.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.