Selling this unusual

- Clean
- Very short history
- Decent 3rd gen effect
- All-class

Looking for other all-class unusuals or unusual misc
Doesn't have to be the ones I listed, but I prefer those ones over others
Not too interested in 3rd gens unless decent overpay.
I do not want any robo hats

B/O: 37 keys / 47 in unusuals

Add me to offer if you want or just offer below
My Nigga Gordon
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My Nigga Gordon
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bubbling modest?
My Nigga Gordon
yours is 3rd gen tho
My hat is priced more than yours 3rd gen won't matter if you're offering like 7 keys below its actual price
My Nigga Gordon
3rd gen is hard to sell and the effects are crappy, yes my hat is worth less but it will be easier to sell, again it is but an offer. and the only offer you have gotten in like a week so think about it.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.