I am looking to sell off my COMPLETE VINTAGE COLLECTION. (105 in all) This includes the Fan O War, Conch, Bill's.....every vintage in the game that was not Steam Support Granted (sorry, no vintage scrap metal here)

I will accept KEYS and KEYS ONLY. I am looking for the neighborhood of around 50 keys, so offer accordingly, as it is the COMPLETE Vintage collection.

I am NOT selling it in pieces so don't waste your time asking.

DO NOT ADD ME....make an offer here and if I agree, I will add you.
The Mighty Bob
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would u be able to do 47?
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I can pay the 50 your asking if you wait untill monday
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12 key for Vintage Bill's Hat
The Predecessor
I'll offer 46 pure on the set.

Also, regarding the Genuine set. I can recognize that you took the higher offer, but I feel a bit sad you sold it to someone else. Considering you notified the other buyers that I beat their offers, I would've expected you'd do the same for me when the other person offered, even more so considering I had all 155 keys at the time.

But either way, it's your own decision.
If you noticed, your 155 was beat by 10 keys. When I wrote that and he made that offer, you didnt have the 155 at the time so I did just make the gut reaction, of which Im sorry if I jumped the gun too fast.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.